The AOIA Mission

AOIA Transition to AZTC
The Arizona Optics Industry Association (AOIA) is being transitioned into the Arizona Technology Council (AZTC) under the name of “Optics Valley.”  AOIA as an organization was shut down on December 31, 2016.  The AOIA website is under reconstruction.

The new AZTC Optics Valley website is at:  You may also click this link to go directly to the new AZTC Optics Valley website:  Optics Valley

The AOIA Mission
Arizona’s optics industry is world-renowned and composed of companies ranging from large aerospace corporations to research facilities and entrepreneurial start-ups situated here in southern Arizona. Over 80% of the Optics related businesses are involved members of the Optics Industry Association.

Tucson is often referred to as “Optics Valley” because of the concentration of highly visible optics-related companies accompanied by a large talent pool. The Optics Cluster represents a broad range of products and services, including optical design and engineering, fiber optic components for telecommunications, lasers and semiconductors, metrology instrumentation, high precision optical fabrication, high volume precision plastic optics, precision measuring and positioning equipment, microscopes, telescopes, opto-electronics, image processing software and optical coatings/thin films.

Benchmark data collected in 2001 suggests that while cluster membership is predominantly from small companies, optics revenue in Tucson alone may account for over $600 million and more than 1400 jobs. Proximity to the Mexican border and an active relationship with Canada’s optics leaders have added to Southern Arizona’s market position.

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Arizona Technology Council and Arizona Optics Industry Association Sign Collaborative Agreement

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Photonics Internship Opportunity

UMET UNIVERSIDAD METROPOLITANA SISTEMA UNIVERSITARIO ANA G. MENDEZ Photonics Technical Specialists available for 8-week industry technical internship The internship is a curriculum requirement for a one-year technical certification at UMET’s Puerto Rico Photonics Institute. It follows the National Center for …
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Optics Video by Arizona Technology Council

The Arizona Technology Council Produced a Video: Focus on Optics and Astronomy in Arizona Published on Mar 14, 2016 Tucson, Arizona is labeled optics valley.  We’re going to tell you why. Featured speakers: – Steve G. Zylstra, Arizona Technology Council …
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