About AOIA

Arizona is a global leader in Optics technology and dynamic growth. A key success factor in the development of Tucson’s Optics scientific research and technology is the talented work force of engineers, scientists, and technicians. This scientific talent pool is generated by the highly regarded Optical Science Center at the University of Arizona and led by the Arizona Optics Industry Association (AOIA). The Optics Industry has been identified as a key industry necessary to promote economic growth of the economy of the state of Arizona.

The Governor’s Strategic Partnership for Economic Development (GSPED) was formed to lead economic development efforts in Arizona. The GSPED strategy is to identify those industries that are critical for Arizona economic development into synergistic groups known as business clusters. This business model is successful by providing the individual capability of each specific business while taking advantage of the interaction and common needs of these businesses. Business Clusters have demonstrated a vibrant and promising quality, crucial to the economic vitality of the region

The Arizona Optics Industry Association (AOIA) is composed of individuals and companies with world-class expertise in optical science, engineering, manufacturing, and business in general. AOIA provides economic development resources, advice, and information to the AOIA business cluster to promote economic growth in Arizona. The AOIA is involved with start-ups providing focused assistance as needed to maximize their success. Also the growth and expansion of current enterprises continues to be of great importance to the overall health of the Arizona economy. The AOIA also supports its member companies in a variety of ways: Bringing together buyers and sellers of products as well as businesses; employers seeking specialized talent with capable talented candidates; collaborating with other technology clusters, the University of Arizona, government, local economic development organizations and the expanding investment sector for the benefit of the involved organizations. The AOIA enhances communication of its membership by facilitating industry seminars, and a program of regular meetings, access to the industry web site, national and international visibility and exposure, and joint marketing opportunities are among the benefits of membership.

The Arizona Optics Industry Association has assumed a leadership role in the growth and development  of the optics industry and its associated technologies and is an influential advocate for progress. The AOIA Board represents a cross-section of the industry inclusive of the business cluster composition, which helps to ensure that all member needs are understood and met. Any Arizona optics-associated company, institution, or professional is by definition a member of the optics cluster and may choose to become a dues-paying member of AOIA.

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