Attend AOIA meetings and events:

  • Great networking opportunities
  • Meet prospects, suppliers, and new joint venture partners
  • Hear speakers on subjects of interest to the industry
  • Tour leading Arizona optics companies

Learn about business opportunities from other industry associations

Receive information on current optics research in the state, and get help contacting and developing grants with the researchers

Develop your workforce

  • Participate in local job fairs and intern opportunities
  • Get information on graduating students from associate, undergraduate and graduate programs within the state
  • Influence the educational programs in Arizona which provide trained technicians and people with skills pertinent to the optics industry
  • Develop programs aimed at improving skills of corporate employees
  • Make resumes of potential optics employees available
  • Find outplacement assistance and other employee transitional help

Publicize your company

  • Directly link your company’s home page to the AOIA website (for corporate members and sponsors)
  • Target your press releases and events directly to the local optics industry
  • Obtain free publicity
  • AOIA’s participation and presence with a booth in the Arizona Cluster at the SPIE Photonics West show and other major optics and technology events
  • AOIA’s public relations on the industry help all companies’ visibility and access to the press
  • Achieve higher visibility and discounted booth rates (when applicable) with a great location at major trade shows, such as SPIE Photonics West

Help the optics industry grow in Arizona

  • Access programs and funding from city, county, state, and federal government agencies
  • Participate in AOIA efforts to promote the Arizona optics industry
  • See the results of AOIA initiated surveys on the optics market

Bottom line: AOIA is here to help you grow your business

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