Shared Successes

Business Thrives

  • The AOIA has been actively promoting the Optical Science field at the secondary and High School levels. The University of Arizona Optical Sciences Center, known for its cutting edge Optics Science development, provides high level training, education and research.
  • Renowned observatories with advanced research programs are located in Arizona. This capability highlights our state as the nation’s astronomy capital.
  • Arizona’s fiber optics and optical components industries have played a key role in developing their components to provide breakthroughs in telecommunications.
  • The vast data storage capacity of today’s high-density optical disk drives is possible because of technologies pioneered in the Arizona Optics Valley.
  • Advanced optical technologies for precision missile guidance systems inclusive of Advanced Missile Defense Technologies are a part of Arizona’s defense industry.
  • The lifesaving aspects of medical imaging and laser surgery are made possible with optics designed and manufactured in Arizona. The medical imaging field is forecasted for significant growth enabled by advances in Optics.
  • Micro-Optics developments are providing breakthroughs in Bio-technologies advancements in areas of gene and disease detection.
  • Optics manufacturing and testing technologies are advancing at a significant pace to keep with advanced business models.
  • The future of optics, from eyeglasses to telescopes to laser systems, is redefined daily with engineering and software developed in Arizona.
  • From low-cost lenses in children’s toys to new display technologies, optical innovations for entertainment enhance our lives.

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