Clustering Benefits

Business Clustering Benefits

In Arizona, we have the largest concentration of Optics related businesses in our nation and perhaps in the world. The AOIA has identified other businesses that are associated with Optics, or use Optics to add value to their products. It is for mutual benefit that these businesses have formed an Optics Business Cluster, which leadership is provided by the AOIA. All these closely related and localized businesses benefit from these AOIA initiatives:

  • World-wide marketing, business directory listings, trade publication inserts, access to marketing research reports, industry data, and consultants.
  • Business Cluster representation on issues like grants, taxes, regional opportunities at local, state and federal level.
  • Financing options through the AOIA network of venture capitalists, national investment bankers, local banks and angels familiar with the Photonics Industry and understand the business plans.
  • A Website with the Business Cluster directory maintained by AOIA.
  • Technical talent recruitment service.
  • Regular AOIA Meetings with opportunities for networking, and timely business relevant presentations.
  • Support business trade shows attendance.
  • Involvement in community education on Optics contribution to our community.
  • Coverage in Industry Journals, local and national press.
  • Affiliation with the University Optical Science Center Industrial Affiliation Program.

These actions are a part of the AOIA initiatives to help develop our community economy by strengthening the Optics Cluster Businesses.

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