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Design Consultants

Consulting(Services), Design Engineering(Services)

4D Technology Corporation


Design Engineering(Services), Design Manufacturing(Services)

Above & Beyond Relocation Services

AdValue Photonics Inc.

Advanced Laser Technology, Inc.

Aegis Electronic Group Inc.

Aerofab, Inc.

Aerospace Corp.

Aero-Space Southwest Inc.

Agilent Technologies

AGM Container Controls Inc.

Alliantgroup, LP

Altechna Co. Ltd.

Attenuators(Products), Crystals(Products), Laser Optics(Products)

Alternative Vision Corporation

Ambalux Corporation

Amkor Technology

Anchorwave Internet Solutions

Anderson Painting Company, Inc.

Anewco Products, Inc. (API)

Apache Nitrogen Products Inc

APEX & Cirus Logic

Apogee Imaging Systems

Applied Energetics

Arapahoe SciTech

Arete Associates

Arizona Carbon Foil Company Inc.

Arizona Optical Systems

Design Engineering(Services), Mirrors(Products), Telescopes(Products)

Astronomical Consultants & Equipment Inc.


Aurora Path Advisors


AV Innovations

Bancroft Information Services

Bartino Tooling & Machine

Bellows Consulting

Bender Associates, Inc.

Cleveland Electric Laboratories Co.

Elector Optics(Products), Interferometers(Products), Sensors(Products)

Biomedical Diagnostics & Research

Bioptics, Inc.

BioVigilant Systems Inc.

Boeckeler Instruments Inc.

Bolchalk Frey Marketing

Bouchard Quality Management,Inc.

Breault Research Organization (BRO), Inc.

Miller Design

System Optical Design(Services), Vacuum Equipment(Products)

Business Centre

CAL-AV Labs, Inc.


Catalina Scientific

CDEX, Inc.

Centro de Investigaciones en Optica, A.C.

CERALOX Division of Sansol Nainc

Chamberlain Group

Chuck Haman

Cirrus Logic and Apex Precision Power

Monrad Engineering, Inc.

Consulting(Services), Illumination System Design(Services), Light Measurements(Services)

Community Infor. and Telecommunications Alliance

Competitive Engineering Inc.

Compliance Testing, LLC

Composite Mirror Applications Inc.


Consulate of Canada

Creative Precision West

Custom Scientific Inc.

Cybernetic Research Laboratories, Inc.

Dataforth Corporation

Dave Bilgray

Dawn Nagle

Delta C Dynamics, LLC

DEP Inc.

DESCO Southwest

DMetrix, Inc.

Docter Optics, Inc.


Durel Corporation

Dynamic Manufacturing and Engineering LLC

Earp Machine

Edmund Optics Design Center

Efficient Designs Inc.

ELCAN Optical Technologies

Fabrication - Diamond Turning(Processes), Fabrication - Rapid Fabrication/Prototyping(Processes), Optoelectronics(Services)


Engineering Synthesis Design, Inc

EOS Technologies, Inc. (EOST)

Nanjing Everlight Photonics Tech. Co., Ltd.

Laser Optics(Products), Mirrors(Products), Prisms(Products)

Equilution, LLC

Eric Gifford

Everest Interscience Inc.

Evergreen Global Sourcing Solutions

E M Optomechanical, Inc.


Positioning Equipment(Products)

First Phase Technologies Inc.

Flowers, Rieger & Associates, P.L.L.C.

INOV, Inc.

Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory

Fryer Company Inc.

Galaxy Labs, LLC

General Dynamics

Genesis Engineerying Inc.

Genova Management Consulting

Geoternity, Inc.

Global Superabrasives LLC

Abrasives(Products), Grinding(Products)

Godat Design Inc.


Goldmark Advisers Inc.

Great Scott Enterprises, Inc.

Grimm & Associates

Hayes Soloway P.C.

Hecker & Muehlebach

Changchun Hengrun Optoelectronic Tech.Co.,Ltd

Gratings(Products), Optical filters(Products), Prisms(Products)

Hextek Corporation

Mirrors(Products), Polishing(Processes)



IAA Global inc.


Industrial Fiber Optics

Infinite Solutions

Infinite Space Systems Inc.

Adhesives(Products), Composite Materials(Products), Fabrication - Plastic Molding(Processes), Insulation(Products), Mirrors(Products)

Infared Laboratories Inc.


InnovaQuartz Inc.

Instrument Development Corporation

Institute for Scientific & Space Research

Integrated Axis

Integrated Technology Corporation

Intelligent Instrumentation Inc.

International Dark Sky Association (IDS)

International Research Center


maxwell's muse, llc

Fourier Optics and Signal Processing(Services), Hardware and Software Integration(Services), Remote Sensing(Services)

James Sutter

The Janzen Wahl Group

Jensen Tools

Omega Mfg. Solutions, Inc.

Fabrication - High Precision Machining(Processes), Fabrication - Machined Parts(Processes)

Arizona Center for Innovation


Systems and Process Consulting, Inc.


Strategy 1


John Hughes

GlobalPath Advisors


Kaman Aerospace Corp. Electro Optics Dev. Ctr.

Karen Tilden

Optical Systems Group, LLC

Consulting(Services), Design Engineering(Services), System Optical Design(Services)

JML Optical Industries LLC

Fabrication - Rapid Fabrication/Prototyping(Processes), Imaging(Products), Medical Imaging(Products)

Kiernan & Associates

Kyocera Solar

L-3 Communications

LAI Southwest, Inc.

Lam Optics Inc.

Lasertel, Inc.

Lattice Materials

Fabrication - High Precision Machining(Processes), Fabrication - Machined Parts(Processes), Polishing(Processes)

Lepley & Associates

LG Chemical Ltd. / America Inc.

Lighting Sciences Inc.


Light Mechanics LLC

Lincoln Laser Company

Lindel Engineering

Lite Cycles Inc.

Litton Electro-Optical Systems


Composite Materials(Products), LED(Products), Thin Films(Services)

Lowell Observatory

M3 Engineering & Technology

Mack Corp.

Magnus Precision Mfg., Inc.

Assembly(Processes), Fabrication - High Precision Machining(Processes), Fabrication - Machined Parts(Processes)

Management Pragmatics, LLC

Manzer Corporation

Mark Slaska

Breault Research Organization


Materion Corporation (Brush Ceramics)

Matrix, Inc.

McCafferty Aerospace Concepts, LLC

Consulting(Services), Design Engineering(Services), Remote Sensing(Services)

Meredith Instruments

Mesch, Clark & Rothschild, P.C.

Millennium Engineering & Integration Company

Mirametrics, Inc.

MKS Imaging Technology LLC

Consulting(Services), Image Processing(Services), Software - Optics Application(Products)

Moonlight optics

Mosley Medical Products

Mundt & Associates, Inc.

Munger Chadwich, P.L.C.

Nanoscience Instruments, Inc.

National Optical Astronomy Observatories

New England Financial

NP Photonics, Inc.


Optical Data Associates, LLC

Optical Design Consultant

Optical Design Service

Optical Perspectives Group LLC

Alignment(Products), Assembly(Processes), Autocolimators(Products), Collimators Products), Imaging(Products), Interferometers(Products), Positioning Equipment(Products), Software - Optics Application(Products), System Optical Design(Services), Testing(Services)

Optical Research Associates

Optical Society of America (OSA)

Optical Support Inc.

Osborn Optical Systems

Optics 1 Inc


OptoLum Inc.

Pacific Acquisitions

Pattison Applied Research

Phoenix Digital Corporation

Photometrics Limited

Pima Community College

Polymap Wireless LLC

Polymicro Technologies Division of Molex

Prototron Circuits SW

QRP, Inc.

Raytheon Missile Systems

Recognition Research

The Random Factory

Image Processing(Services), Software - Optics Application(Products), Software Design(Services)

RG Stellar Research

Electro-Optic Instrument Technologies

Cameras(Products), Detectors(Products), Diffractive optics(Products), Elector Optics(Products), Fiber Optics(Products), Imaging(Products), Integrated Optics(Services), Multi-Spectral Camera(Products), Optoelectronics(Services), Spectroscopy(Services)

ROM Engineering Inc

Roper Scientific

Ruda Cardinal

Scientific Laser Connection Inc.

Shabolt Corp

Sigma Technologies International Inc.

Snell & Wilmer L.L.P.

Southwest Cryostatics

Space Optics Research Labs, LLC

Collimators Products), Interferometers(Products), Mirrors(Products)

Spectral Instruments Inc.

Spectra-Physics Semiconductor Lasers


Stantec Consulting


Steward Observatory

Strategic Issue Management Group (SIMG)

Sumitomo Electric Lightwave, Inc.

Survey Service Company

SVS Vistek Cameras, Inc.

Thearality Inc.

The Stratford Group, Inc.

Thin Film Center Inc.

TLC International

Cameras(Products), Displays(Products), Fabrication - High Precision Machining(Processes), Fabrication - Rapid Fabrication/Prototyping(Processes), Materials(Services), Medical Imaging(Products), Mirrors(Products), Scanners(Products), Sensors(Products), Thin Films(Services)

Tomar Electronics

Sequoia Trust

Town of Sahuarita

Trion Technology


Consulting(Services), Optical Data Storage(Services)

Tucson Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce

Tucson Optical Engineering, Inc.

Tucson Optical Research Corporation

Twin Feathers Enterprises (TFE)

U of A - College of Optical Sciences

U of A - Eller College

U of A - University of Arizona

U of A - Lunar & Planetary Laboratory

U of A - Science & Tech Park

Vatican Observatory Research Group

Visual Pathways Inc.

Wangsness Optics

Ward Technologies Inc.

WC Machine & Tool, Inc.

Design Manufacturing(Services), Fabrication - High Precision Machining(Processes), Fabrication - Machined Parts(Processes)

Williams Marketing Solutions



Zetetic Institute

Chengdu Go the Distance Technology Co., Ltd.

Zygo Corporation

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